Ridge gourd bengal gram recipe,Ridge gourd curry/ridge gourd chana dal/senagapappu beerakaya koora

RIDGE GOURD BENGAL GRAM RECIPE BENGAL GRAM RIDGE GOURD CURRY FOR RICE AND CHAPATI Ridge gourd bengal gram curry is also known as senagapappu beerakaya kura. This curry mainly contains ridge gourd and bengal gram dal chana dal. Ridge gourd and chana dal are rich in dietare fiber. They have some vitamins, minerals and proteins. [...]

Festival recipes,Thokkudu laddu,bandar ladoo,ladoo recipe

FESTIVAL RECIPES, THOKKUDU LADDU Besan ladoo is a very delicious indian festival recipe. This is made with bengal gram flour and sugar or jaggery. Boodi ladoo, uad dal ladoo and ragi ladoo are also delicious festival recipes. Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut [...]

Diwali recipes,Diwali special dishes,Deepavali cuisines,boondi ladoo

DIWALI RECIPES,DIWALI SPECIAL DISHES,DEEPAVALI CUISINES Some sweet delicious recipes for Diwali festival. Gram flour ladoo is very delicious and we can make it easily. Bandar ladoo, mysore pak and milk besan flour sweet recipe are also delicious recipes for festivals. Sweet recipes Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Soup recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes [...]

Besan chutney/Indian food/Indian chutney/senagapindi chutney/bombay chutney

INDIAN FOOD, BESAN CHUTNEY Bengal gram flour chutney is also called bombay chutney or senaga pindi chutney or chana flour chutney or gram flour chutney. This is a very delicious Indian food cuisine. This is a chutney for idli, vada and dosa. The main sources of gram flour chutney are bengal gram flour and tomato. [...]

Ridge gourd bengal gram dal curry/beerakaya senagapappu koora

RIDGE GOURD BENGAL GRAM DAL CURRY This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. This is good for healthy nutrition. This curry is also called turai chana dal curry or senagapappu beerakaya or pappu beerakaya or ridge gourd chana dal currt or ridge gourd basal dak curry. The main ingredients for this curry are ridge [...]

Ridge gourd chutney/turai chutney/beerakaya pachadi/Indian dish

INDIAN DISH, RIDGE GOURD CHUTNEY Ridge gourd chutney is a very delicious Indian recipe. The ridge gourd chutney is also called turai chutney or turai pachadi or beerakaya pachadi. The ridge gourd is a good for healthy nutrition. It contains many healthy nutrients. Brinjal chutney, cucumber chutney, coconut chutney, ginger chutney and coriander leaves chutney [...]

Food recipes,besan ka halwa,gram flour halwa,senagapindi halwa

FOOD RECIPES, BESAN KA HALWA Besan halwa is a delicious sweet recipe. The main contents of besan halwa are bengal gram flour and sugar. This is a very simple Indian sweet recipe. Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Sesame ladoo [...]

Senaga chutney/Indian chutney/chana dal chutney/bengal gram dal chutney/chana chutney/senagapappu pachadi

INDIAN CHUTNEY , CHANA DAL CHUTNEY CHANA DAL RECIPE OR GRAM DAL RECIPE OR SENAGA CHUTNEY Senaga pappu chutney is also called senaga pachadi or besan dal chutney or chana dal chutney. The bengal gram dal chutney is a very delicious food and is simple to prepare. Bengal gram dal or chana dal or besan [...]

Cabbage Bengal gram fry/food recipes/cabbage senagapappu vepudu/cabbage chana dal fry/cabbage recipe

CABBAGE BENGAL GRAM FRY, CABBAGE SENAGAPAPPU VEPUDU Cabbage bengal gram dal fry is very delicious Indian food dish. The main sources of cabbage fry cuisine are cabbage and bengal gram dal. Cabbage and bengal gram dal are good for our healthy nutrition. They contain many nutrients. Cabbage green gram dal fry, cabbage red gram dal [...]

Ridge gourd chana dal/Indian recipes/turai chana dal curry/senagapappu beerakaya koora

INDIAN RECIPES, RIDGE GOURD CHANA DAL CURRY Ridge gourd curry is a very delicious Indian curry. Ridge gourd curries are very popular. Ridge gourd is also called turai or beerakaya. Ridge gourd chana dal curry is good for healthy nutrition. They contain healthy nutrients. We can make curries with the ridge gourd are ridge gourd [...]