Brinjal bottle gourd soup/food dishes/lady’s finger brinjal soup/bottle gourd soup/vankaya sorakaya pulusu

BRINJAL BOTTLE GOURD SOUP, LADY'S FINGER BRINJAL SOUP Brinjal lady's finger bottle gourd soup is a delicious Indian food dish. The main sources of this soup are brinjal, lady's finger and bottle gourd. Brinjal, bottle gourd and lady's finger contain many nutrients. Hence they are good for healthy nutrition. Brinjal soup, bottle gourd soup, lady's [...]

Bottle gourd milk curry/sorakaya palu koora/lauki doodh sabzi/palu anapakaya koora

BOTTLE GOURD MILK CURRY OR SORAKAYA PALU KOORA This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. Bottle gourd curry is also called lauki sabzi or sorakaya koora Some curries of bottle gourd are bottle gourd milk curry, bottle gourd soup, bottle gourd fry, bottle gourd moong dal curry and bottle gourd toor dal curry. Bottle [...]

Sambar/sambar recipe/pappucharu/mixed vegetable sambar/toor dal recipe

SAMBAR OR MIXED VEGETABLE SAMBER OR SAMBAR RECIPE Sambar is a very delicious Indian food recipe, Mixed vegetable sambar is most tasteful than normal one. Sambar contains toor dal, vegetables, tamarind juice and sambar powder. Most commonly used vegetables for sambar are bottle gourd, brinjal, lady's finger, drumstick, tomato and carrot. The leafy vegetables like [...]

Bottle gourd broth recipe in telugu/bottle gourd soup/sorakaya pulusu

Mixed red chilli powder or koorakaram in telugu You can see bottle gourd soup in English. You can also see bottle gourd recipes and soup recipes. You can read Indian food. You can also read dal recipes and drink recipes. Vinayaka prasadam Cabbage recipes Yellow rice Biryani Hai boorelu Ridge gourd recipe Dal curries and fries Milk recipes Coriander leaves chutney Curry leaves powder Rava [...]