Breakfast recipes,chapati,roti recipe

BREAKFST RECIPES, CHAPATI Chapati is an Indian breakfast recipe. This is a delicious recipe. The main ingredients are wheat flour and water. Wheat flour egg dosa, bulgur wheat upma and cream of wheat upma are also delicious wheat recipes. Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu [...]

Pulihora,pulihora recipe,Indian dishes,Yellow rice with lemon juice and tamarind/rice recipe/varalakshmi special

PULIHORA RECIPE OR YELLOW RICE WITH LEMON AND TAMARIND Pulihora is a special dish. This is a very tasteful food item. Pulihora is very important dish for special occasions and fehstival celebrations. Pulihora is also called lemon rice or yellow rice or tamarind rice or citron rice. Pulihora is a common rice preparation. This is [...]

Besan chutney/Indian food/Indian chutney/senagapindi chutney/bombay chutney

INDIAN FOOD, BESAN CHUTNEY Bengal gram flour chutney is also called bombay chutney or senaga pindi chutney or chana flour chutney or gram flour chutney. This is a very delicious Indian food cuisine. This is a chutney for idli, vada and dosa. The main sources of gram flour chutney are bengal gram flour and tomato. [...]

Ridge gourd chutney/turai chutney/beerakaya pachadi/Indian dish

INDIAN DISH, RIDGE GOURD CHUTNEY Ridge gourd chutney is a very delicious Indian recipe. The ridge gourd chutney is also called turai chutney or turai pachadi or beerakaya pachadi. The ridge gourd is a good for healthy nutrition. It contains many healthy nutrients. Brinjal chutney, cucumber chutney, coconut chutney, ginger chutney and coriander leaves chutney [...]

Milk recipes/tea/tea recipe/chai//drink recipe/teneeru

MILK RECIPES OR TEA OR TEA RECIPE Tea is a drink Indian recipe. This is a delicious milk recipe. It mainly contains solution of tea leaves course powder, sugar and milk. Tea recipe is good for healthy nutrition. Fresh whole milk give good taste to tea. Milk recipes like coconut milk recipe, rice payasam, rice flour payasan, cheese recipe, milk bottle gourd curry, milk snake [...]

Ginger chutney/Indian chutney/ginger chutney recipe/Allam pachadi

GINGER CHUTNEY OR INDIAN CHUTNEY, ALLAM PACHADI FOR DOSA, VADA AND IDLI Ginger is a root vegetable. Ginger ia widely used as a spice and chutney. It is a good source of veriety of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Ginger chutney is also called allam pachadi. The ginger chutney is a very delicious [...]

Kidney bean recipe/Dosa/dosa recipe/rajma beans dosa

RAJMA BEAN RECIPES OR MASALA DOSA RECIPE Rajma beans are also called kidney beans. These are a variety of the common beans. Kidney bean dosa is a special hot dish. This is special item for Indian breakfast recipe. This is a special snack. The rajma beans dosas are very simple to prepare. The main source [...]

Rice recipe/ajwain seeds rice/vamu annam/thalimpu annam/ajwain recipe

RICE RECIPE OR AJWAIN SEEDS RICE Ajwain rice is an Indian delicious food cuisine. Ajwain seeds are good for healthy nutrition. This rice recipe mainly contains cooked rice and ajwain or vamu. It contains very useful nutrients. Ajwain seeds are also called vamu. Ajwain seeds chutney is a very delicious chutney. Yellow rice, milk recipe and vegetable biryani [...]

Instant recipes,bulgur wheat upma

INSTANT RECIPES, BULGUR WHEAT UPMA Bulgur wheat upma is a very delucious Indian break fast recipe. The main content is bulgar wheat, Bulgar wheat milk recipe and cream of wheat recipe are also very delicious instant recipes Break fast recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry [...]

Bread omelet,egg recipe

BREAD OMELET, EGG RECIPE This a breakfast and snacks recipe. The main ingredients are eggs and bread slices. This is an healthy recipe. This is a very simple to prepare. Bread omelet is a delicious Indian food recipe. Egg recipes Breakfast recipes Sweet recipes Snacks recipes Indian cooking recipes Barley water Buttermilk Bobbatlu Easy dessert [...]