Green capsicum recipes/capsicum curry/capsicum masala curry/capsicum tomato curry

GREEN CAPSICUM RECIPES, CAPSICUM TOMATO CURRY CAPSICUM CURRY FOR RICE, ROTI, CHAPATI, PAROTA AND PURI Capsicum are commonly called chilli pepper or green pepper. Capsicum contain high amount of vitamin C and vitamin A. Capsicum is one of the most healthy food. Capsicum is low in calories and provides lot of heathy benefits. Capsicum can [...]

Mixed vegetable curry /kalagura/Indian food/veg mix curry/vegetable recipe

INDIAN FOOD, VEGETABLE MIX RECIPE The mixed vegetable curry is a very important traditional Indian curry. Mixed vegetable curry is a very delicious curry. Mixed vegetable curry contains drumsticks, brinjals, potato, fresh coconut, capsicum and tomatoes. They contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and some micro nutrients. They are very useful for our healthy nutrition. Mixed vegetable [...]