Coconut recipe,coconut tomato curry,kobbarikaya tamata koora

Coconut recipe, coconut tomato curry Coconut tomato curry is a delicious Indian food recipe, The main ingredients are fresh coconut pieces and tomato pieces. Coconut chutney, potato coconut curry, egg coconut curry, milk coconut sweet and coconut sweet balls are also delicious recipes Coconut recipes Sweet recipes Soap recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal [...]

Coconut chutney/Indian chutney/Kobbari pachadi/coconut chutney recipe/nariyal recipe

COCONUT CHUTNEY OR INDIAN CHUTNEY COCONUT CHUTNEY RECIPE OR KOBBARI PACHADI Kobbari pachadi is also called coconut chutney. The coconut chutney is a very delicious Indian chutney and it is very simple to prepare. The main sources of this chutney are pieces of wet or fresh coconut, cumin seeds, garlic cloves, tamarind paste, green chillies [...]

Hai burelu,Pesarapappu boorelu,maida dishes,pesarapappu poornalu,moong dal sweet/varalaksmi prasadam 

HAI BURELU OR MAIDA DISHES Pesarapappu poornam boorelu are also called pesarapappu boorelu or hai burelu or pesarapappu poornalu or sukhiyan or suziyan or green gram dal sweet balls or moong dal sweet. Green gram dal is one of the best food. Black gram dal is extremely light and easy to digest. Black gram dal [...]

Special sweet,coconut sooji recipe,kobbari attu

SPECIAL SWEET, COCONUT SOOJI RECIPE, KOBBARI ATTU Coconut sooji sweet recipe is a delicious sweet food. The main ingredients are cream of wheat, grated fresh coconut and sugar. Coconut chutney, hai boorelu, cream of wheat upma and wheat flour egg dosa are also delicious recipes. Sweet recipes Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Indian cooking recipes  Ragi [...]

Indian dishes,bulger wheat coconut milk halwa

INDIAN DISHES, BULGER WHEAT COCONUT MILK HALWA This is a very delicious Indian sweet dish. The main contents of this are bulger wheat, grated fresh coconut, whole milk and sugar. Bulgur wheat upma, wheat payasam, coconut milk sweet recipe and coconut chutney are also delicious recipes. Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes [...]

Healhy recipes,Egg coconut curry

HEALTHY RECIPES, EGG COCONUT CURRY This is an healthy Indian curry recipe. Theain contents of the curry are eggs, fresh coconut pieces and tomato pieces. Curry recipes Egg recipes Indian cooking recipes Sweet recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Sesame ladoo with jaggery Egg [...]

Milk recipes, Paramannam,Rice payasam/Indian dish/sweet recipe

PARAMANNAM OR RICE PAYASAM Paramannan or rice payasam is very important special sweet item. This is special sweet food to serve God. Paramannam payasam is a sweet dish which is made during festivals as prasadam or naivedyam. This is important for festivals and other occasions. Paramannam is a very delicious Indian food. The main sources [...]

adida,aadida,adida sweet recipe,Vinayaka naivedyam

ADIDA, AADIDA SWEET RECIPE, VINAYAKA NAIVEDYAM This is a sweet recipe for Vinayaka chavithi. Aadida is a very delicious rice flour sweet recipe. Barley water Buttermilk Bobbatlu Easy dessert recipes Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Ingredients for adida,aadida sweet recipe,Vinayaka naivedyam 1. Rice - 500 grams ( Soak the rice for [...]