Ridge gourd bengal gram recipe,Ridge gourd curry/ridge gourd chana dal/senagapappu beerakaya koora

RIDGE GOURD BENGAL GRAM RECIPE BENGAL GRAM RIDGE GOURD CURRY FOR RICE AND CHAPATI Ridge gourd bengal gram curry is also known as senagapappu beerakaya kura. This curry mainly contains ridge gourd and bengal gram dal chana dal. Ridge gourd and chana dal are rich in dietare fiber. They have some vitamins, minerals and proteins. [...]

Hai burelu,Pesarapappu boorelu,maida dishes,pesarapappu poornalu,moong dal sweet/varalaksmi prasadam 

HAI BURELU OR MAIDA DISHES Pesarapappu poornam boorelu are also called pesarapappu boorelu or hai burelu or pesarapappu poornalu or sukhiyan or suziyan or green gram dal sweet balls or moong dal sweet. Green gram dal is one of the best food. Black gram dal is extremely light and easy to digest. Black gram dal [...]

Dal tomato curry/delicious recipes/pappu tamata koora/toor dal tomato recipe

DAL TOMATO CURRY, PAPPU TAMATA KOORA Dal tomato curry is a delicious Indian food cuisine. The main sources of the toor dal tomato curry are red gram dal and pieces of tomatoes. This is a delicious dal recipe. Tomato dal is prepared by using lentils and pieces of ripe tomatoes. Toor dal is high in [...]

Ridge gourd bengal gram dal curry/beerakaya senagapappu koora

RIDGE GOURD BENGAL GRAM DAL CURRY This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. This is good for healthy nutrition. This curry is also called turai chana dal curry or senagapappu beerakaya or pappu beerakaya or ridge gourd chana dal currt or ridge gourd basal dak curry. The main ingredients for this curry are ridge [...]

Ridge gourd recipe/turai recipe/beerakaya koora, ridge gourd curry

RIDGE GOURD RECIPE OR TURAI RECIPE Ridge gourd curry is a very delicious Indian curry. Ridge gourd curries are very popular. Ridge is good for healthy nutrition. They contain healthy nutrients. We make curries with the ridge gourd are ridge gourd curry, ridge gourd milk curry, ridge gourd chana dal curry, ridge gourd moong dal curry, [...]

Rasam/rasam recipe/rasam with amaranthus/soup recipe/ charu

RASAM OR RASAM RECIPE OR RASAM WITH AMARANTHUS Rasam is a soup recipe. This is an Indian cooking recipe. This is an important item for meals. This rasam soup recipe contains tamarind and amaranthus stems. There are so many types of rasam recipes. They are tomato rasam recipe, rasam with rasam powder, rasam without rasam [...]

Bottle gourd moong dal curry/pappu sorakaya kura/moong dal bottle gourd/anapakaya pesarapappu koora

​MOONG DAL BOTTLE GOURD CURRY, ANAPAKAYA PESARAPAPPU KOORA Bottle gourd green gram dal curry is a very delicious curry for rice, roti and chapathi. This curry is also called pesarapappu sorakaya koora or anapakaya pappu koora. The main sources of this curry are moong dal and bottle gourd. This curry is simple to prepare to [...]

Cabbage moong dal fry/cabbage fry recipe/moong dal cabbage recipe/pesarapappu cabbage vepudu

CABBAGE MOONG DAL FRY, PESARAPAPPU CABBAGE VEPUDU CABBAGE MOONG DAL FRY FOR RICE, ROTI AND CHAPATI Moong dal cabbage fry is an Indian delicious curry. This is a special curry. This curry mainly contains moong dal or green gram dal and pieces of cabbage. It is also called dal cabbage fry. This is very simple [...]

Senaga chutney/Indian chutney/chana dal chutney/bengal gram dal chutney/chana chutney/senagapappu pachadi

INDIAN CHUTNEY , CHANA DAL CHUTNEY CHANA DAL RECIPE OR GRAM DAL RECIPE OR SENAGA CHUTNEY Senaga pappu chutney is also called senaga pachadi or besan dal chutney or chana dal chutney. The bengal gram dal chutney is a very delicious food and is simple to prepare. Bengal gram dal or chana dal or besan [...]

Indian food,toor dal brinjal tomato curry,pappu vankaya koora

INDIAN FOOD, TOOR DAL BRINJAL TOMATO CURRY This is an Indian food curry recipe. The main contents of the curry are red gram dal, brinjal and tomato. Curry recipes Indian cooking recipes Rice recipes Dal recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Sesame ladoo with [...]