Kidney bean recipe/Dosa/dosa recipe/rajma beans dosa

RAJMA BEAN RECIPES OR MASALA DOSA RECIPE Rajma beans are also called kidney beans. These are a variety of the common beans. Kidney bean dosa is a special hot dish. This is special item for Indian breakfast recipe. This is a special snack. The rajma beans dosas are very simple to prepare. The main source [...]

Indian dosa/how to make dosa/Indian cooking recipes/dosa/dosa recipe/rava dosa/masala dosa/plain dosa

INDIAN COOKING RECIPES, INDIAN DOSA DOSA OR HOT DOSA Indian dosa is very delicious food. Use the dosa as morning breakfast and evening snacks. Indian dosas are so many types. They are rava dosa, onion dosa, plain dosa, urad dal dosa, masala dosa, moong dal dosa, and cowpeas dosa. Break fast recipes Chutney recipes Indian [...]

Maida dosa,curd maida dosa recipe

Maida dosa, curd maida dosa recipe Maida dosa is a delicious Indian food recipe. The main ingredients are maida flour and churn curd. Sweet shells, kajjikayalu and rava dosa are also made with maida. Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Barley water Buttermilk Bobbatlu Easy dessert recipes Maida curd dosa recipe Ingredients [...]

Dosa recipe/cowpeas dosa/break fast recipes/bobbarlu dosa/ dosa

DOSA OR DOSA RECIPE OR BREAK FAST RECIPES COWPEAS DOSA OR ALASANDALU DOSA Cowpeas dosa or black eyed peas dosa is also called bobbarlu attu or alasandalu dosa or bobborlu dosa. This is a very delicious Indian break fast food. Bobbarlu dosa is a special dish. This is special item for festival celebrations and other [...]

Whole moong dal recipe/moong dal dosa/pesarattu/dosa/green gram dosa

WHOLE MOONG DAL RECIPE, DOSA OR DOSA RECIPE OR MOONG DAL DOSA Moong dal hot dosa or whole green gram dosa are also called pesarattu. This is a very delicious Indian hot food. Whole moong dal dosa is a special hot dish. This is special item for breakfast. This is a special dosa recipe. This [...]

Omelet,egg recipe,kodiguddu attu

OMELET, EGG RECIPE, KODIGUDDU ATTU Omelet is an egg recipe. This is very simple to prepare. The main ingredients are eggs and mixed red chilli powder. Egg are good for healthy nutrition. Egg recipes are also very delicious. Egg curry, egg tomato curry, egg coconut curry, egg cheese curry, egg fry, wheat flour egg dosa, bread omelet are also delicious recipes of [...]