Buttermilk/Buttermilk recipe/majjiga/curd recipe/drink recipe

DRINK RECIPE,  BUTTERMILK, MAJJIGA This is a very delicious drink recipe. This is one of the drink for Indians. This is one of the item for Indian meals. This is the most popular cooler drink for meals. This is also one of the popular summer cooler drink made with curd. Buttermilk is also one of [...]

Milk recipes/tea/tea recipe/chai//drink recipe/teneeru

MILK RECIPES OR TEA OR TEA RECIPE Tea is a drink Indian recipe. This is a delicious milk recipe. It mainly contains solution of tea leaves course powder, sugar and milk. Tea recipe is good for healthy nutrition. Fresh whole milk give good taste to tea. Milk recipes like coconut milk recipe, rice payasam, rice flour payasan, cheese recipe, milk bottle gourd curry, milk snake [...]

Drink recipe,Badam milk,almond drink recipe

Drink recipe, Badam milk,almond recipe Badam milk is a delicious drink recipe. The main sources of this drink are almonds, milk and sugar. Ragi malt, buttermilk and tea are also delicious drink recipes. Almond drink recipe, badam palu  Drink recipes Sweet recipes Breakfast recipes Indian cooking recipes Badam milk drink recipe Ingredients for badam milk [...]

Drink recipe/ragi ambali/ragi malt recipe

Drink recipe, ragi malt recipe, ragi ambali Ambali is a simple delicious healthy recipe. The main sources of ragi malt are ragi flour, water, salt and buttermilk. Ragi dosa, ragi ladoo and ragi halwa are also made with ragi flour. Chutney recipes Breakfast recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi drink recipe Ingredients for ragi [...]

Drink recipe,Barley water,barly recipe

Drink recipe, barley water,barly recipe Barley water is an Indian drink recipe. This is a delicious food drink recipe. Buttermilk, tea recipe are also drink recipes. Drink recipes Sweet recipes Breakfast recipes Indian cooking recipes New year chutney Ugadi pachadi Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Indian food drink recipe Preparation for barley drink [...]