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INDIAN RECIPE, METHI SOUP, FENUGREEK SEEDS SOUP Fenugreek seeds soup is a delicious soup recipe. This is a healthy soup dish for diabetic patients. The main things are fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek leaves soup Soup recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Sesame [...]

Methi dal curry/Indian recipes/fenugreek leaves dal curry/menthi kura pappu/dal recipe

INDIAN RECIPES, METHI DAL CURRY Methi dal curry is a delicious Indian food recipe. It contains fenugreek leaves and red gram dal. Fenugreek leaves and dal are good for healthy nutrition. Fenugreek leaves contain many nutrients. Fenugreek soup is also made with fenygreek leaves. You can read dal recipes You can also read Indian cooking [...]