Gherkin recipe/Indian food/Little gourd fry/gherkins fry/dondakaya vepudu

GHETKIN RECIPE, LITTLE GOURD FRY Gherkins fry is a very delicious curry for rice and chapati. Little gourd fry is also called dondakaya vepudu. Gherkin is also called little gourd or smooth gourd or dondakaya. The main sources of this fry are little gourds and seasoning ingredients. This curry is simple to prepare. This fry [...]

Sago fryums,saggubiyyam vadiyalu,sabudana sandige recipe

SAGO FRYUMS, SAGGUBIYYAM VADIYALU These are very delicious recipe. The main ingredients are sago, cumin seeds and water. Instead of cumin seeds, we can also add ajwain seeds or coriander seeds powder. Sago pakodi Curry recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes Rava kesari boorelu Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji [...]

Cauliflower fritters/Indian dishes/Cauliflower pakodi/Gobi pakoda recipe

INDIAN DISHES,CAULIFLOWER PAKODI Cauliflower fritters are very delicious hot dish. This is used as snacks. Cauliflower pakodi is a popular food. This food have many health benefits. Cauliflower is a one of the healthiest Indian food. Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamins C and some vitamins, dietary fiber and some minerals. The main sources [...]

Ridge gourd recipe/turai recipe/beerakaya koora, ridge gourd curry

RIDGE GOURD RECIPE OR TURAI RECIPE Ridge gourd curry is a very delicious Indian curry. Ridge gourd curries are very popular. Ridge is good for healthy nutrition. They contain healthy nutrients. We make curries with the ridge gourd are ridge gourd curry, ridge gourd milk curry, ridge gourd chana dal curry, ridge gourd moong dal curry, [...]

Cabbage moong dal fry/cabbage fry recipe/moong dal cabbage recipe/pesarapappu cabbage vepudu

CABBAGE MOONG DAL FRY, PESARAPAPPU CABBAGE VEPUDU CABBAGE MOONG DAL FRY FOR RICE, ROTI AND CHAPATI Moong dal cabbage fry is an Indian delicious curry. This is a special curry. This curry mainly contains moong dal or green gram dal and pieces of cabbage. It is also called dal cabbage fry. This is very simple [...]

Brinjal fry,baingan curry,vankaya vepudu/brinjal recipe

BRINJAL FRY OR VANKAYA VEPUDU Brinjal fry is a very delicious fry for rice. Brinjal curry is very simple to prepare. This curry is very important for some Indian people. The main sources of this fry are brinjals and seasoning ingredients. These are good for health nutrition. Brinjal tomato curry, brinjal masala curry, stuffed brinjal curry, brinjal fry, mixed [...]

Cabbage Bengal gram fry/food recipes/cabbage senagapappu vepudu/cabbage chana dal fry/cabbage recipe

CABBAGE BENGAL GRAM FRY, CABBAGE SENAGAPAPPU VEPUDU Cabbage bengal gram dal fry is very delicious Indian food dish. The main sources of cabbage fry cuisine are cabbage and bengal gram dal. Cabbage and bengal gram dal are good for our healthy nutrition. They contain many nutrients. Cabbage green gram dal fry, cabbage red gram dal [...]

Carrot fry/carrot coconut fry/carrot kobbari koru vepudu/carrot recipe

CARROT RECIPE OR CARROT FRY CARROT FRY FOR RICE, CHAPATI, PURI AND PAROTA Carrot is a root vegetable and is a good source of antioxidant agent and dietary fiber. This is a good source of some vitamins and minerals Carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B8. Most of the [...]

Broad beans fry,chikkudukaya vepudu,How to make broad beans fry.

BROAD BEANS FRY Broad beans fry is an Indian fry food recipe. The main sources of this fry are broad beans and seasoning ingredients. Broad beans tomato curry, broad beans masala fry and mixed vegetable curry are made with broad beans. Broad beans fry recipe is very simple to prepare. This is a method for [...]