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GHETKIN RECIPE, LITTLE GOURD FRY Gherkins fry is a very delicious curry for rice and chapati. Little gourd fry is also called dondakaya vepudu. Gherkin is also called little gourd or smooth gourd or dondakaya. The main sources of this fry are little gourds and seasoning ingredients. This curry is simple to prepare. This fry [...]

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GHERKINS RECIPE OR LITTLE GOURD SOUP/DONDAKAYA PULUSU Gherkins soup is a delicious Indian food dish. The main sources of this soup are gherkins or little gourd, onions and tamarind juice. Gherkins contain many nutrients. They are good for healthy nutrition. Gherkins tomato curry, gherkins fry, beans and gherkins fry are also made with gherkins. Barley [...]

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