Leaf vegetable,roselle leaves dry prawns curry,gongura royyalu koora

Curry recipe, roselle leaves dry prawns curry, gongura royyalu koora Roselle leaves dry prawns curry is a very delicious Indian food recipe. The main ingredients are roselle leaves and dry prawns. Roselle leaves chutney and roselle leaves curry are also delicious recipes. Curry recipes Chutney recipes Sweet recipes  Indian cooking recipes Ragi malt Dal recipes [...]

Curry leaves chutney/green vegetable/karivepaku pachadi

GREEN VEGETABLE, CURRY LEAVES CHUTNEY Curry leaves chutney is a delicious Indian chutney for rice, roti and chapati. This is also a chutney for dosa,vada and idli. The main sources of curry leaves chutney are curry leaves, onions, coriander leaves and tamarind juice. Curry leaves powder is also made with curry leaves. Curry leaves contain [...]

Yams soup/Yam curry,kanda bachali pulusu,suran curry/yam recipe/yam spinach soup,yam broth

YAMS SOUP OR YAM CURRY OR YAM BROTH Elephant yam curry or elephant yam broth or yams soup is also called kanda dumpa pulusu or suran curry. Elephant yam curry is simple to prepare. Elephant yam curry is a very delicious soup. The elephant yam malabar spinach soup is also called kanda bachali pulusu. This [...]

Lady’s finger broth,bhindi bhaji,ladies finger soup,bendakaya pulusu

LADY'S FINGER BROTH OR BHINDI BHAJI The lady's finger broth is also called lady's finger soup or bendakaya pulusu or bhindi sabzi or bhindi bhaji or bhindi soup or okra soup. Lady's finger soup is one of the nutritious healthy vegetable soup. They contain dietary fibre, carbohydrates, proteins, some vitamins and minerals. The main sources [...]