Beans recipe,Beans fry,french beans fry,borabateelu vepudu,beans koora

FRENCH BEANS FRY OR BEANS RECIPE This is an Indian food recipe. French beans are good for healthy nutrition. Beans fry is a very delicious fry recipe. French beans are also called borabateelu or bobbarakayalu. French beans contain many nutrients. The beans are green in color. Beans tomatocurry, beans fry and beans masala fry are [...]

Gherkin recipe/Indian food/Little gourd fry/gherkins fry/dondakaya vepudu

GHETKIN RECIPE, LITTLE GOURD FRY Gherkins fry is a very delicious curry for rice and chapati. Little gourd fry is also called dondakaya vepudu. Gherkin is also called little gourd or smooth gourd or dondakaya. The main sources of this fry are little gourds and seasoning ingredients. This curry is simple to prepare. This fry [...]

Ridge gourd bengal gram recipe,Ridge gourd curry/ridge gourd chana dal/senagapappu beerakaya koora

RIDGE GOURD BENGAL GRAM RECIPE BENGAL GRAM RIDGE GOURD CURRY FOR RICE AND CHAPATI Ridge gourd bengal gram curry is also known as senagapappu beerakaya kura. This curry mainly contains ridge gourd and bengal gram dal chana dal. Ridge gourd and chana dal are rich in dietare fiber. They have some vitamins, minerals and proteins. [...]

Cluster beans broth/soup recipes/cluster beans soup/goruchikkudukaya pulusu/cluster beans recipe/gokarakaya koora

SOUP RECIPES OR CLUSTER BEANS SOUP OR CLUSTER BEANS BROTH Cluster beans soup is an Indian food cuisine. This is a very delicious dish. Cluster beans are good for healthy nutrition. The main sources of this soup are cluster beans and tamarind. Cluster beans masala fry is also made with cluster beans. Ridge gourd recipe, bottle gourd recipe, gherkins [...]

Hai burelu,Pesarapappu boorelu,maida dishes,pesarapappu poornalu,moong dal sweet/varalaksmi prasadam 

HAI BURELU OR MAIDA DISHES Pesarapappu poornam boorelu are also called pesarapappu boorelu or hai burelu or pesarapappu poornalu or sukhiyan or suziyan or green gram dal sweet balls or moong dal sweet. Green gram dal is one of the best food. Black gram dal is extremely light and easy to digest. Black gram dal [...]

Dal tomato curry/delicious recipes/pappu tamata koora/toor dal tomato recipe

DAL TOMATO CURRY, PAPPU TAMATA KOORA Dal tomato curry is a delicious Indian food cuisine. The main sources of the toor dal tomato curry are red gram dal and pieces of tomatoes. This is a delicious dal recipe. Tomato dal is prepared by using lentils and pieces of ripe tomatoes. Toor dal is high in [...]

Buttermilk/Buttermilk recipe/majjiga/curd recipe/drink recipe

DRINK RECIPE,  BUTTERMILK, MAJJIGA This is a very delicious drink recipe. This is one of the drink for Indians. This is one of the item for Indian meals. This is the most popular cooler drink for meals. This is also one of the popular summer cooler drink made with curd. Buttermilk is also one of [...]

Yams soup/Yam curry,kanda bachali pulusu,suran curry/yam recipe/yam spinach soup,yam broth

YAMS SOUP OR YAM CURRY OR YAM BROTH Elephant yam curry or elephant yam broth or yams soup is also called kanda dumpa pulusu or suran curry. Elephant yam curry is simple to prepare. Elephant yam curry is a very delicious soup. The elephant yam malabar spinach soup is also called kanda bachali pulusu. This [...]

Ginger chutney/Indian chutney/ginger chutney recipe/Allam pachadi

GINGER CHUTNEY OR INDIAN CHUTNEY, ALLAM PACHADI FOR DOSA, VADA AND IDLI Ginger is a root vegetable. Ginger ia widely used as a spice and chutney. It is a good source of veriety of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Ginger chutney is also called allam pachadi. The ginger chutney is a very delicious [...]

Green capsicum recipes/capsicum curry/capsicum masala curry/capsicum tomato curry

GREEN CAPSICUM RECIPES, CAPSICUM TOMATO CURRY CAPSICUM CURRY FOR RICE, ROTI, CHAPATI, PAROTA AND PURI Capsicum are commonly called chilli pepper or green pepper. Capsicum contain high amount of vitamin C and vitamin A. Capsicum is one of the most healthy food. Capsicum is low in calories and provides lot of heathy benefits. Capsicum can [...]