Brinjal beans curry/Indian food/brinjal beans tomato curry/brinjal curry/vankaya chikkudu ginjalu koora

BRINJAL BEANS CURRY, VANKAYA CHIKKUDU GINJALU KOORA Brinjal beans curry is a very delicious Indian food dish. Brinjal beans curry contains brinjal, seeds of broad beans and tomatoes. Brinjal beans tomato curry is good for healthy nutrition. Seeds of broad beans have many nutrients. Brinjal curry, brinjal tomato curry, brinjal mango curry, brinjal fry, stuffed [...]

Radish curry/radish tomato curry/Indian curry recipes/Mullangi koora/mullangi tamata koora

RADISH CURRY, RADISH TOMATO CURRY, MULLANGI TAMATA KOORA RADISH RECIPE OR RADISH CURRY Radish curry is very good for healthy nutrition. Radish tomato curry mainly contains radish and tomatoes. Radish curry is also called mullangi dumpa koora. It is little bitter in taste. Radish is also called Daikon. Radish contain many nutrients. It contains some [...]