Toor dal tomato curry,pappu tamata koora/toor dal tamatar/ dal recipe

DAL RECIPE OR TOOR DAL TOMATO CURRY This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe, The main sources of the toor dal tomato curry are red gram dal and pieces of tomato. The toor dal and tomatoes are highly appreciated for its nutritional value. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Toor dal is high [...]

Rasam/Rasam recipe/Rasam with dal

RASAM OR RASAM RECIPE OR RASAM WITH DAL Rasam is a soup recipe. This is an Indian cooking recipe. This is an important item for meals. This rasam soup recipe contains tamarind. There are so many types of rasam recipes. They are tomato rasam recipe, rasam with rasam powder, rasam without rasam powder, rasam with [...]

Red gram curry/food recipe,toor dal curry/muddapappu/kandipappu koora

RED GRAM CURRY, TOOR DAL CURRY Toor dal curry or red gram fal curry is a very delicious and traditional Indian food. This curry contains high nutritional values. The toor dal curry is also called red gram dal curry or toor dal sabzi or kandipappu muddapappu or kandipappu koora. The main source of this curry [...]

Dal spinach curry/food recipes/dal palak curry/palakura pappu/palak toor dal curry/lentils recipe

FOOD RECIPES, DAL SPINACH CURRY Dal spinach curry is very tasteful traditional Indian food recipe. Palak dal curry contains high nutritional values. The main sources of toor dal spinach curry are red gram dal and pieces of spinach. Spinach dal is prepared by lentils and pieces of spinach. The spinach is a leafy vegetable. This [...]

Ridge gourd dal recipe/turai toor dal curry/pappu beerakaya koora

RIDGE GOURD DAL RECIPE OR RIDGE GOURD DAL CURRY This curry is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. The ridge gourd toor dal curry is a popular curry. Ridge gourd contains many healthy nutrients. They are good for healthy nutrition. Ridge gourd recipe and bitter gourd recipe are also good cuisines. Curry masala is also [...]