Pulihora,pulihora recipe,Indian dishes,Yellow rice with lemon juice and tamarind/rice recipe/varalakshmi special

PULIHORA RECIPE OR YELLOW RICE WITH LEMON AND TAMARIND Pulihora is a special dish. This is a very tasteful food item. Pulihora is very important dish for special occasions and fehstival celebrations. Pulihora is also called lemon rice or yellow rice or tamarind rice or citron rice. Pulihora is a common rice preparation. This is [...]

Vennappal/rice flour recipe/sweet recipe/vennappal recipe,vennappalu

VENNAPPAL OR RICE FLOUR RECIPE Rice flour sweet recipe or vennappal sweet is a very delicious Indian sweet food. This sweet is prepared during festival celebrations and special occasions. Vinayaka prasadam, ariselu or rice cakes and sweet balls are also made with rice flour. Coconut milk sweet recipe, maida bengal gram dal sweet recipe, maida [...]

Rice recipe/ajwain seeds rice/vamu annam/thalimpu annam/ajwain recipe

RICE RECIPE OR AJWAIN SEEDS RICE Ajwain rice is an Indian delicious food cuisine. Ajwain seeds are good for healthy nutrition. This rice recipe mainly contains cooked rice and ajwain or vamu. It contains very useful nutrients. Ajwain seeds are also called vamu. Ajwain seeds chutney is a very delicious chutney. Yellow rice, milk recipe and vegetable biryani [...]

Milk recipes, Paramannam,Rice payasam/Indian dish/sweet recipe

PARAMANNAM OR RICE PAYASAM Paramannan or rice payasam is very important special sweet item. This is special sweet food to serve God. Paramannam payasam is a sweet dish which is made during festivals as prasadam or naivedyam. This is important for festivals and other occasions. Paramannam is a very delicious Indian food. The main sources [...]

Indian biryani/biryani/food dishes/vegetable biryani/biryani recipe

IINDIAN BIRYNI, VEGETABLE BIRYANI Vegetable biryani is a special Indian dish. This is very important hot dish for festival celebrations and special occasions. Vegetable biryani is a very delicious Indian food. This is very simple to prepare. The main sources of this item are rice, spice and vegetables. To make biryani we prefer long grain [...]

Red gram curry/food recipe,toor dal curry/muddapappu/kandipappu koora

RED GRAM CURRY, TOOR DAL CURRY Toor dal curry or red gram fal curry is a very delicious and traditional Indian food. This curry contains high nutritional values. The toor dal curry is also called red gram dal curry or toor dal sabzi or kandipappu muddapappu or kandipappu koora. The main source of this curry [...]

Pressed rice recipes/Indian food/pressed rice ladoo/atukulu laddu/pressed rice payasam 

INDIAN FOOD, PRESSED RICE RECIPES Pressed rice recipes are very delicious Indian food recipes. Pressed rice ladoo, rice payasam, pressed rice and milk recipe and pressed rice payasam are delicious sweet recipes. Crespy pressed rice is a delicious hot recipe. Pressed rice is made from soaked rice grain. Pressed rice is good for our healthy [...]

Rice recipes,ariselu,ariselu recipe,rice cakes/pakundalu/pongadalu/chalimidi

RICE RECIPES OR ARISELU Ariselu or rice flour recipes are very delicious Indian food. We should be need wet rice flour for ariselu. This is a rice recipe ot rice flour recipe. We can make ariselu, chilimidi or chalividi pogadalu and pakundalu with wet rice flour. Ariselu prepared with only ghee are known as nethi [...]