Root vegetable recipes,cassava curry,pendalam koora

Root vegetable recipes Root vegetable curries are very delicious recipes. They are very simple to prepare. Recipes with yams, potato cassava, carrot, radish and beetroot are very good in taste. Potato coconut curry, potato tomato curry, potato masala fry, yams soup, colocasia curry, carrot coconut fry, radish beans curry, radish tomato curry, beetroot fry, beetroot [...]

Beetroot curry/beetroot tomato curry/delicious recipes/beetroot recipe

BEETROOT CURRY, BEETROOT TOMATO CURRY Beetroot tomato curry is an important root vegetable. Beetroot curry is a very delicious curry. This is an Indian food. Beetroot is good for healthy nutrition. Beetroot curry is very simple to prepare. Beetroots are highly nutritious root vegetable. It give many health benefits. Beetroot is a good source of [...]

Yams soup/Yam curry,kanda bachali pulusu,suran curry/yam recipe/yam spinach soup,yam broth

YAMS SOUP OR YAM CURRY OR YAM BROTH Elephant yam curry or elephant yam broth or yams soup is also called kanda dumpa pulusu or suran curry. Elephant yam curry is simple to prepare. Elephant yam curry is a very delicious soup. The elephant yam malabar spinach soup is also called kanda bachali pulusu. This [...]

Ginger chutney/Indian chutney/ginger chutney recipe/Allam pachadi

GINGER CHUTNEY OR INDIAN CHUTNEY, ALLAM PACHADI FOR DOSA, VADA AND IDLI Ginger is a root vegetable. Ginger ia widely used as a spice and chutney. It is a good source of veriety of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Ginger chutney is also called allam pachadi. The ginger chutney is a very delicious [...]

Carrot fry/carrot coconut fry/carrot kobbari koru vepudu/carrot recipe

CARROT RECIPE OR CARROT FRY CARROT FRY FOR RICE, CHAPATI, PURI AND PAROTA Carrot is a root vegetable and is a good source of antioxidant agent and dietary fiber. This is a good source of some vitamins and minerals Carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B8. Most of the [...]

Potato masala fry/potato recipes/bangaladumpa vepudu/aloo masala fry

POTATO RECIPES OR POTATO MASALA FRY Potato masala fry is an Indian food dish. The main sources of this curry are potatoes and curry masala. The potatoes have many nutrients which are useful to our healthy nutrition. Potato tomato curry, potato fry, potato masala curry, potato curry for chapati and mixed vegetable curry are also [...]

Beetroot halwa/easy dessert recipes/Indian recipes/halwa/halwa recipe/sweet dish/beetroot recipe

INDIAN RECIPES, BEETROOT HALWA Beetroot halwa is a delicious Indian sweet dish. It contains beetroot, milk and sugar. It it good for healthy nutrition. Beetroot have many nutrients. Beetroot tomato curry and beetroot fry are also made with beetroot. You can see Indian cooking recipes You can also see sweet recipes Junnu or cheese, vennappal [...]

Radish curry/radish tomato curry/Indian curry recipes/Mullangi koora/mullangi tamata koora

RADISH CURRY, RADISH TOMATO CURRY, MULLANGI TAMATA KOORA RADISH RECIPE OR RADISH CURRY Radish curry is very good for healthy nutrition. Radish tomato curry mainly contains radish and tomatoes. Radish curry is also called mullangi dumpa koora. It is little bitter in taste. Radish is also called Daikon. Radish contain many nutrients. It contains some [...]