Indian dosa/how to make dosa/Indian cooking recipes/dosa/dosa recipe/rava dosa/masala dosa/plain dosa

INDIAN COOKING RECIPES, INDIAN DOSA DOSA OR HOT DOSA Indian dosa is very delicious food. Use the dosa as morning breakfast and evening snacks. Indian dosas are so many types. They are rava dosa, onion dosa, plain dosa, urad dal dosa, masala dosa, moong dal dosa, and cowpeas dosa. Break fast recipes Chutney recipes Indian [...]

Food recipe/Upma/upma recipe/sooji upma/breakfast recipe/rava upma

FOOD RECIPE, UPMA, UPMA RECIPE, SOOJI RECIPE Upma is an Indian food recipe, This is a breakfast recipe. Upma mainly contains cream of wheat and ground nut seeds. Upma is a delicious food recipe. Cowpeas dosa, kidney beans dosa, moong dal dosa, masala dosa, wheat flour egg dosa, ground nut chutney, ginger chutney, coconut chutney, [...]

Kajjikayalu/Indian food/how to make kajjikayalu/maida sweet recipe/semolina coconut recipe

KAJJIKAYALU OR MAIDA SWEET RECIPE SEMOLINA COCONUT RECIPE Kajjikayalu is a semolina coconut recipe. This is a sweet with semolina and fresh grated coconut is very flavorful Indian sweet. Kajjikayalu are a traditional sweet normally made during festival celebrations and special occasions. The main sources of the kajjikayalu are maida, grated coconut, semolina or rava [...]

Indian food,rava kesari boorelu,prasadam boorelu,sooji recipe,semolina sweet/varalakshmi vratham naivedyam recipes

INDIAN FOOD, RAVA KESARI BOORELU, PRASADAM BOORELU, SOOJI RECIPE Rava kesari boorelu are very delicious Indian food recipe. They contain semolina, coconut, sugar, maida and wheat flour. Easy dessert recipes, hai boorelu, coconut milk recipe, rice payasam, rice flour payasam, ragi ladoo, beetroot halwa and pressed rice ladoo are also delicious Indian food recipes. Indian [...]

Gavvalu recipe/maida dishes/shells sweet recipe/sweet shells/gavvalu

GAVVALU RECIPE OR MAIDA DISHES OR SWEET SHELLS Gavvalu sweet is a festaval traditional Indian sweet. This sweet is normally prepared during festival celebrations and other special occasions. These are also used as evening snacks. The nutritional value of the ingredients are very high. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The main sources [...]