Vegetable curry/Snake gourd fry/Indian dishes/Snake gourd moong dal fry/pesarapappu potlakaya vepudu

SNAKE GOURD FRY OR VEGETABLE CURRY Snake gourd moong dal fry is a very delicious fry recipe. This is a most popular Indian dish. The snake gourd has snake like structure. This fry recipe is very famous and delicious recipe. The snake gourd moong dal fry is a delicious recipe. This fry contains proteins, some [...]

Snake gourd curry/snake gourd milk recipe/Indian cooking recipes/potlakaya palu koora/potlakaya koora

SNAKE GOURD CURRY OR SNAKE GOURD MILK CURRY Snake gourd curry is a special curry. Snake gourd milk curry is a delicious Indian food recipe. We make snake gourd milk curry and snake gourd moong dal fry with the snake gourd. Snake gourd is also called potlakaya. Snake gourd possess vitamins A, B and C. [...]