Curry leaves chutney/green vegetable/karivepaku pachadi

GREEN VEGETABLE, CURRY LEAVES CHUTNEY Curry leaves chutney is a delicious Indian chutney for rice, roti and chapati. This is also a chutney for dosa,vada and idli. The main sources of curry leaves chutney are curry leaves, onions, coriander leaves and tamarind juice. Curry leaves powder is also made with curry leaves. Curry leaves contain [...]

Cluster beans curry,Indian dishes,Goruchikkudukaya koora,goruchikkudukaya pulusu,cluster beans soup,gokarakaya pulusu

INDIAN DISHES, CLUSTER BEANS CURRY Cluster beans are also known as goru chikkudukayalu or gokarakayalu. These have very slight bitter taste. The main sources of cluster beans soup are pieces of cluster beans, tomato, onions and tamarind juice. Cluster beans curry is a very delicious food. Cluster beans are good for healthy nutrition. Cluster beans [...]

Pulihora,pulihora recipe,Indian dishes,Yellow rice with lemon juice and tamarind/rice recipe/varalakshmi special

PULIHORA RECIPE OR YELLOW RICE WITH LEMON AND TAMARIND Pulihora is a special dish. This is a very tasteful food item. Pulihora is very important dish for special occasions and fehstival celebrations. Pulihora is also called lemon rice or yellow rice or tamarind rice or citron rice. Pulihora is a common rice preparation. This is [...]

Beetroot curry/beetroot tomato curry/delicious recipes/beetroot recipe

BEETROOT CURRY, BEETROOT TOMATO CURRY Beetroot tomato curry is an important root vegetable. Beetroot curry is a very delicious curry. This is an Indian food. Beetroot is good for healthy nutrition. Beetroot curry is very simple to prepare. Beetroots are highly nutritious root vegetable. It give many health benefits. Beetroot is a good source of [...]

Mixed red chilli powder,chilli powder,chilli powder recipe,how to make karam,koorakaram

MIXED RED CHILLI POWDER MIXED CHILLI POWDER OR CURRY CHILLI POWDER Mixed chilli powder is a mixture of red chilli powder, coriander seeds powder, cumin seeds powder, fenugreek seeds powder, mustard seeds powder, turmeric powder and garlic cloves. Mixed red chilli powder is a very important powder in making curries. This powder give taste to [...]

Ridge gourd chutney/turai chutney/beerakaya pachadi/Indian dish

INDIAN DISH, RIDGE GOURD CHUTNEY Ridge gourd chutney is a very delicious Indian recipe. The ridge gourd chutney is also called turai chutney or turai pachadi or beerakaya pachadi. The ridge gourd is a good for healthy nutrition. It contains many healthy nutrients. Brinjal chutney, cucumber chutney, coconut chutney, ginger chutney and coriander leaves chutney [...]

Cauliflower fritters/Indian dishes/Cauliflower pakodi/Gobi pakoda recipe

INDIAN DISHES,CAULIFLOWER PAKODI Cauliflower fritters are very delicious hot dish. This is used as snacks. Cauliflower pakodi is a popular food. This food have many health benefits. Cauliflower is a one of the healthiest Indian food. Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamins C and some vitamins, dietary fiber and some minerals. The main sources [...]

Buttermilk/Buttermilk recipe/majjiga/curd recipe/drink recipe

DRINK RECIPE,  BUTTERMILK, MAJJIGA This is a very delicious drink recipe. This is one of the drink for Indians. This is one of the item for Indian meals. This is the most popular cooler drink for meals. This is also one of the popular summer cooler drink made with curd. Buttermilk is also one of [...]

Radish beans tomato curry/Indian dishes/Radish curry/radish recipe/radish beans curry/mullagi koora

RADISH BEANS TOMATO CURRY, MULLANGI KOORA Radish beans tomato curry is a delicious Indian food recipe. The main sources of this curry are radish, beans and tomatoes. Radish, beans and tomatoes contain many nutrients. They are useful for our healthy nutrition. Radish tomato curry is also made with radish. Brinjal beans curry, drumstick tomato curry, [...]