Gherkin recipe/Indian food/Little gourd fry/gherkins fry/dondakaya vepudu

GHETKIN RECIPE, LITTLE GOURD FRY Gherkins fry is a very delicious curry for rice and chapati. Little gourd fry is also called dondakaya vepudu. Gherkin is also called little gourd or smooth gourd or dondakaya. The main sources of this fry are little gourds and seasoning ingredients. This curry is simple to prepare. This fry [...]

Hai burelu,Pesarapappu boorelu,maida dishes,pesarapappu poornalu,moong dal sweet/varalaksmi prasadam 

HAI BURELU OR MAIDA DISHES Pesarapappu poornam boorelu are also called pesarapappu boorelu or hai burelu or pesarapappu poornalu or sukhiyan or suziyan or green gram dal sweet balls or moong dal sweet. Green gram dal is one of the best food. Black gram dal is extremely light and easy to digest. Black gram dal [...]

Cluster beans curry,Indian dishes,Goruchikkudukaya koora,goruchikkudukaya pulusu,cluster beans soup,gokarakaya pulusu

INDIAN DISHES, CLUSTER BEANS CURRY Cluster beans are also known as goru chikkudukayalu or gokarakayalu. These have very slight bitter taste. The main sources of cluster beans soup are pieces of cluster beans, tomato, onions and tamarind juice. Cluster beans curry is a very delicious food. Cluster beans are good for healthy nutrition. Cluster beans [...]

Pulihora,pulihora recipe,Indian dishes,Yellow rice with lemon juice and tamarind/rice recipe/varalakshmi special

PULIHORA RECIPE OR YELLOW RICE WITH LEMON AND TAMARIND Pulihora is a special dish. This is a very tasteful food item. Pulihora is very important dish for special occasions and fehstival celebrations. Pulihora is also called lemon rice or yellow rice or tamarind rice or citron rice. Pulihora is a common rice preparation. This is [...]

Indian recipes,Almond halwa,badam halwa recipe

Indian recipes Indian recipes are sweet recipes, breakfast recipes, chutney recipes, curry recipes, fry recipes, soup recipes and rice recipes. These are all delicious Indian food recipes. They are very simple to prepare. Sweet recipes Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Curry recipes Fry recipes Rice recipes Indian cooking recipes Soup recipes Garam masala Almond halwa Ingredients [...]

Pumpkin curry /Gummadikaya koora/pumpkin fry/kadoo sabzi

PUMPKIN RECIPE OR PUMPKIN CURRY Pumpkin curry is a very delicious curry for rice, roti and chapathi. Pumpkin curry is also called kadoo bhaji or kadu karee or gummadikaya koora or gummadikaya vepudu or vegan recipe. lt is good for healthy nutrition. It is simple to prepare. The pumpkin curry is a very popular food [...]

Ice cream recipe/Ice cream/ milk recipe

ICE CREAM OR MILK RECIPE ICE CREAM RECIPE WITH ICE CREAM POWDER AND MILK Ice cream is very a delicious soft food. This made during special occasions. Make the ice cream with ice cream powder and fresh milk. Milk and dairy delicious foods are highly nutritious foods. Milk products contain nutritients. They are essential for [...]

Bitter gourd broth/Indian food/kakarakaya pulusu/bittergourd soup/bitter gourd recipe

INDIAN FOOD, BITTER GOURD BROTH Bitter gourd broth is a delicious Indian food recipe. The main sources of bitter gourd are bitter gourd, onions and tamarind. Bitter gourd is good for our healthy nutrition. Bitter gourd fry is also made with bitter gourd. Pumpkin curry, coconut chutney, lady's finger soup, banana flower curry, radish tomato curry, broad beans masala fry, dal mango curry, cowpeas [...]

Sesame seed recipes/Sesame ladoo,Til ke ladoo/sesame recipe/chimmidi

SESAME RECIPES OR SESAME SEEDS LADOO SESAME SEED RECIPES Sesame ladoo is also called chimmidi or nuvvula laddu or nuvvula undalu or chimmiri or til ke laddu or til ka ladoo or chimmidi or sesame seeds ladoo. Sesame ladoo is a very delicious Indian sweet. Sesame sweet balls contain sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. [...]