Malabar spinach curry/ bachali koora pappu/moong dal malabar spinach recipe/pesarapappu bachali koora

MALABAR SPINACH CURRY, MOONG DAL MALABAR SPINACH RECIPE FOR RICE, ROTI, CHAPATI AND PAROTA Malabar spinach has stiff and slightly spongy leaves reminscent of chard. Malabar in a good source of soluble fibre. Malabar spinach leaves contain vitamins A,C and B6. Moong dal packed with protein and low on carbs. Moong dal is best vegetarian [...]

Dal spinach curry/food recipes/dal palak curry/palakura pappu/palak toor dal curry/lentils recipe

FOOD RECIPES, DAL SPINACH CURRY Dal spinach curry is very tasteful traditional Indian food recipe. Palak dal curry contains high nutritional values. The main sources of toor dal spinach curry are red gram dal and pieces of spinach. Spinach dal is prepared by lentils and pieces of spinach. The spinach is a leafy vegetable. This [...]

Red gram Spinach curry/pappu palakura/toor dal spinach curry

Mixed red chilli powder in telugu or koorakaram You can see red gram dal spinach curry in English. You can see toor dal recipes and dal recipes. You can read Indian food recipes. You can also read sweet recipes, brinjal recipes and ridge gourd recipes Curry masala  and chutney recipes Rava kesari boorelu Egg potato curry Fish curry Moong dal dosa Garam masala Mutton soup Coriander leaves [...]