Gavvalu sweet is a festaval traditional Indian sweet. This sweet is normally prepared during festival celebrations and other special occasions. These are also used as evening snacks.

The nutritional value of the ingredients are very high. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The main sources of this dish are maida flour, sugar or jaggery and semolina or sooji. The shell coated with sugar or jaggery syrup lightly. The sweet shells are very flavorful Indian food

This special dish is a very flavorful and easy to prepare. These are crispy at the outerside and soft inside. They give a nice aroma.

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This is a delicious recipe and a healthy recipe. This is also an Indian food. This is also a most important sweet for festivals. This is a method for maida flour recipe



Ingredients for gavvalu sweet or maida dishes or sweet shells

1. Maida – 500 grams or 3 cups

2. Semolina – 200 grams or 3/4 cup

( sooji or cream of wheat or bombay rava)

3. Dalda or ghee – 100 grams

4. Salt – 1/4 tea spoon

5. Sugar or grated jaggery – 400 grams or 2 cups

6. Cardamom powder – 1 spoon

7. Water – as required

(1 cup for dough and 1/2 cup of water for syrup )



Method for gavvalu sweet or sweet shells

The method of preparation of shells or sweet shells are a very simple. Fallow steps.

Mix flour and selonima for gavvalu sweet or sweet shells or maida dishes

1. Take a wide bowl.

2. Add maida, salt and semolina to bowl.

3. Mix them well.

4. Heat a bowl and add solid state dalda to bowl.

5. Heat dalda till it turns liquid oil or it turns to smoky.

6. Pour it on mixture of maida.

7. Stir them well with a spoon or with hand until they form crumbles.


Make dough for maida dishes or gavvalu sweet or sweet shells or shells sweet

1. Now add water to mixture and make a dough.

2. The dough should not too hard or soft.

3. Prepare nonstick dough. Keep a lid on it and keep it aside for five minutes.

Make balls for maida dishes gavvalu sweet or sweet shells

1. Then take small quantity of dough and make smooth round balls.

2. Make small balls ( 2 – 3 cm diameter ).

Make special shape for gavvalu sweet or sweet shells or special sweet

1. Now put ball on a shell maker or any designed hard surface.

2. Press dough ball against surface with tumb move in a direction.

3. Gently turns each ball to a shell.

4. Keep designed surface out and carefully roll balls to give shell shape.

5. Take it and put on a wide plate.

6. Repeat process and make equal shape shells with remaining dough and arrange them on a plate.

Fry dough shapes for gavvalu recipe or sweet shells or sweet recipe

1. Heat a pan on a stove, add oil to it and heat oil to smoky hot.

2. Then reduce flame to medium.

3. Now drop dough shells one by one into oil slowly.

4. Make a batch of shell.

5. Stir them well for two minutes.

6. Then cook on low flame for about 4 – 5 minutes.

7. Fry them on all sides of shells till they get golden brown colour.

8. Remove them from oil with a strainer and transfer them to a bowl or a plate

9. Repeat process and make fried shells.

10. The fried shells or gavvalu would be crispy at outer side and soft inside.

11. These also give a nice texture. Keep them aside.

Note – Shells without sugar are ready. They also give a good taste. Sugarless sheels are ready to eat.

Make sugar or jaggery syrup for maida dishes or gavvalu sweet or sweet shells

1. Take sugar or jaggery in a bowl, pour a little water and mix it well.

2. Boil solution until it get double string consistency.

3. Then add cardamom powder to syrup, stir it well and switch off stove.

Add syrup to gavvalu for gavvalu sweet or sweet shells

Then pour sugar or jaggery syrup on fried shells and mix them well continuously until syrup sticks shells evenly.

Mix the gavvalu for gavvalu recipe or sweet shells

1. Mix them well till syrup on shells cool down.

2. Now they get crystallized and syrup sticks to shells or gavvalu.

3. Now sweet shells are ready to serve.

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How to make gavvalu sweet

How to make sweet shells

How to make gavvalu

How to make shells

1. Mix maida, semolina and salt in a bowl.

2. Add heated ghee or dalda to mixture.

3. Make dough with sufficient water.

4. Make balls and make them special shape shells.

5. Fry shells in heated oil till they get golden brown colour. Keep them aside.

6. Heat sugar or jaggery with water.

7. Make syrup with double string consistency.

8. Pour syrup on fried shells and mix them well.

9. On cooling syrup sticks shells.

10. Cool them and transfer to a plate and serve them .

11. Cool them and store the gavvalu or sweet shells in a air tight container.

These are very delicious food. These are also used as evening snacks. This is a special sweet for festivals.

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Notes for gavvalu sweet or sweet shells

1. Fresh ingredients should be used as they give good taste.

2. Do not burn shells when they are frying.

3. Keep a lid on dough atfer took some quantity.

4. Mix gavvalu and syrup well till syrup sticks shells evenly.

5. In this preparation, you can be changed quantity of ingredients according to your taste and opinion.

This is a most popular festival recipe. These are also very flavorful sweet. This sweet is also good for healthy nutrition.

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Hot shells or karam gavvalu

1. Mix maida, semolina, dalda and salt are well as sweet shells proportion.

2. Add two spoons of ginger garlic paste and one spoon of green chillies paste to mixture and mix them well.

3. Sprinkle one tea spoon of red chilli powder and mix them well.

4. Add water and mix them like a puri dough. Cover and keep it aside for five minutes.

Make dough shells for hot shells

1. Divide and make dough into equal round balls.

2. Make shells shape with balls.

3. Deep fry them in oil like sweet shells or until they get golden brown colour.

4. Drain them and serve them.

5. Cool them to room temperature and store them in an air tight container.

If you like add garam masala powder to flour mixture. It give also a good taste to hot shells.

Note 1 – The quantity of ingredients can be changed according to your taste and opinion.

Note 2 ; The taste of a dish depends on freshness of ingredients and method of making.

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