Kobbai kova is a special Indian sweet. This is a very delicious food and this is very simple to prepare. Milk and coconut are good for healthy nutrition.

The main sources of this sweet are fresh grated coconut, fresh milk and sugar. This sweet is prepare during festivals special occasions.

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Coconut milk recipe is a delicious recipe and a healthy recipe. This is an Indian food. This is one of the milk recipe or coconut recipe. This is one of the most popular method for milk coconut recipe. This is a method for coconut milk recipe. This is a easy milk coconut sweet recipe.



Ingredients for Indian dish, kobbari kova or coconut milk recipe

1. Fresh whole milk – 1 litre

2. Sugar – 250 grams or 2 cups ( 200 ml cup )

3. Grated fresh coconut – 2 cups

4. Ghee – 10 grams

5. Cardamom powder – 1/2 tea spoon


Method of preparation for kobbari kova or coconut milk sweet, Indian dish

Fry the grated fresh coconut for kobbari kova or coconut milk recipe, Indian dish,

1. Take a heavy bottomed vessel or non stick pan. Heat the pan on a stove.

2. When the pan is hot add grated fresh coconut.

3. Roast it constantly without any stop till it dry or its raw smell disappears on medium flame.

Add fresh whole milk for kobbari kova or coconut milk recipe or narial sweet or Indian dish

1. Then add the fresh milk to the pan.

2. Boil the milk and coconut mixture. Mix them well.

3. Keep on medium flame and stir them constantly and continuously until it forms a thick mass.

4. Do not burn the milk mass when it is cooking.

Add sugar for Indian dish, kobbari kova or coconut milk sweet

1. Then add sugar to the mixture and mix them well.

2. Stir them constantly and without any stop to prevent it from getting burnt until it forms a soft thick mass.

3. Then add ghee and cardamom powder to the mixture.

4. Mix them well at the end.

Transfer the mixture for kobbari kova or coconut milk sweet or narial doodh sweet

1. Then transfer the mixture to a wide plate, spread and even the mixture with a ladle and allow it to cool.

2. When it is still warm cut the mixture horizontally and vertically or desire shape.

3. Then leave them to aside to set properly for some time.

4. Then take the pieces of kobbari kova or coconut milk sweet and serve them.


coconut milk ladoos

Instead of kova pieces, you can make ladoos

Make ladoos for kobbari kova ladoo or coconut milk sweet or doodh narial sweet

1. When the mixture is still warm prepare even small round balls or desire size balls.

2. Arrange them on a another plate and allow them to set properly for some time.

3. Now the kobbari kova ladoos are ready to serve.


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Another method for kova recipe

How to make kobbari kova

how to make milk sweet

how to make coconut sweet

1. Heat a heavy bottom vessel or a nonstick pan add fresh whole milk, grated fresh coconut and sugar.

2. Cook the mixture on medium flame and stir it constantly.

3. Mix it well without any stop to prevent it from getting burnt till it forms a thick mass.

4. Switch off the stove, add ghee to it, mix it well and allow the mixture to warm.

5. Take a small portion of the mixture and make ladoo. Make all equal size ladoos with the remaining mixture or make any desire shape.

6. Arrange them in a plate and cool them

7. In an another way, pour the cooked mixture to a wide plate and cool it. Cut it into small cubes.

8. Leave them for some time or cool them.

9. Take the pieces one by one slowly and arrange them in an another plate.

10. Now kobbari kova laddus or coconut ladoos are ready to serve.

Instead of grated coconut, you can grind the fresh coconut pieces with a little water to a coarse paste by a mixie.

These ladoos are very tasteful. This is one of the milk recipe.


Notes for coconut sweet

1. Fresh ingredients should be used as they give good taste.

2. When the coconut milk mixture is warm make ladoos immediately.

3. If the kobbari kova mixture is cool, it will become hard and it will not give correct shape.

4. Do not burn the grated coconut or the mixture while it is cooking.

5. In this preparation, the quantity of ingredients can be changed according to your taste and opinion.

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